Why Neosurf chose to back the creation of League Circuit Oceania

By | May 5, 2021

The support shown by Neosurf for the League of Legends (LoL) scene in Oceania proves that its commitment to gaming events extends way beyond positioning itself as a way to pay.

Chief Commercial Officer Andrea McGeachin told SBC News that the corporate philosophy for Neosurf, a global payments solution enabling gamers to pay online without credit card usage and without disclosing personal information, is to look upon its association with merchants and consumers as a two-way relationship.

She added: “Neosurf is not just simply a payment solution, but more a key component in the growth of the gaming industry. We have a responsibility to support the gaming events, players and merchants as much as purely positioning ourselves as a way to pay.”

Evidenced by the support at industry events, market leading merchant customer service standards and direct sponsorship of teams, Neosurf stands by its principles.

Last year when Riot Games cancelled the five year old top professional level LoL competition in Oceania, the Oceanic Pro League (OPL), existing sponsor Neosurf entered discussion with Guinevere Capital to establish a replacement local league – with the support of Riot Games, but not their involvement.

“We wanted to ensure that the following that OPL had created would continue,” explained McGeachin. “We saw the transmission of our sponsorship of OPL to a new venture as absolutely in line with what Neosurf stands for.”

With Neosurf as a supporting sponsor for the first split the League Circuit Oceania was created with Guinevere Capital as co-owner.

Speaking on behalf of Guinevere Capital, Dave Harris (Managing Director) reinforced the value of the Neosurf partnership.

“Over the past 18 months Neosurf has been an amazing partner in building the esports ecosystem both in the Australia and New Zealand region and abroad,” he said.

“Beyond the support of individual teams and events, one of the most significant contributions has been Neosurf’s involvement with Riot Games and the Oceanic Pro League before continuing as part of the new League of Legends Circuit Oceania (LCO).  

“Their focus has always been on adding value to the fans and community and helping the LCO preserving competitive League of Legends in this region is a great example of this.” 

Encouraging the involvement of players through the Neosurf ‘Riot Points’ competition emphasised the commercial value of Neosurf’s commitment to the LCO. With over 1.16 million views for season 1, nearly three quarters of whom were unique, it’s easy to see the ROI for Neosurf too.

Neosurf’s continued support for the LoL scene in Oceania is also evidence of its commitment to always looking for ways to add value, and in doing so it has meant that the Neosurf brand has been able to connect with 750,000 gamers. 

McGeachin concluded: ‘We are delighted with the win-win partnership we have developed with Guinevere Capital and the LCO and it’s great to see the local scene go from strength to strength knowing that we have been a part of this.”

Source: Neosurf