Pronet Gaming signs strategic agreement with Tenlot Group

By | May 12, 2021

Global lotteries operated by Tenlot Group, including World Lottery Association (WLA) members, can now utilise the turnkey omni-channel solution from Pronet Gaming.

This is as a result of a strategic agreement with Tenlot Group, which will see the Pronet Gaming platform made available to major lottery suppliers around the world. 

It marks a significant milestone for Pronet Gaming as it is the first such agreement with a dedicated national and regional lotteries operator.

Bobby Longhurst, Pronet Gaming’s Chief Commercial Officer, said: “Tenlot is a major name in both lottery and the jurisdictions we are targeting and this agreement underscores the appeal of our tailored approach to partnerships and technology.

“It is a strategic deal that will lead to a number of opportunities on our journey to become the platform provider sought out by the industry’s most reputable brands.”

Yossi Abadi, Tenlot CEO, added: “We are pleased to welcome Pronet Gaming to the Tenlot family, opening new markets and opportunities for their innovative platform, while expanding Tenlot Group’s offerings to our valued operating partners in global markets.

“Through this partnership, Tenlot Group will enhance customer experience and entertainment, while expanding our contribution to development projects in these markets as part of our social mission.”