NSoft bolsters in-play sportsbook solution with Cash out

By | March 31, 2021

Cash out is now available for players with operators running off the NSoft sportsbook platform, delivered as part of the provider’s In-Play Betting MTS turnkey solution.

The popular feature has been added as another core component of the in-play solution for NSoft, a preferred partner of Sportradar, alongside the provision of real-time live odds, a risk management service, resulting and ticket handling.

It allows you to cash out a ticket even before the end of a game, taking profit early if the bet is going in your favour or some of the stake back if it is likely to lose.

The Cash Out offer is made in real-time. If the ticket is eligible for cash out, the option will be displayed on the live betting web interface or mobile app. A button will appear with a calculation showing what is available for the punter to accept at that time. 

The feature has become a standard option for sportsbook operators, said NSoft, because it correlates positively with punter engagement, and therefore turnover.

It added that bettors tend to choose in-play betting operators who offer Cash Out as it allows them to impact the bet even after they have made the wager.