George Stalev, Delasport: Staying one step ahead of technology trends

By | May 19, 2021

At a time when technology is constantly changing, George Stalev – Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Delasport – believes that companies must stay ‘one step ahead’ of competitors if they wish to stand out from the crowd.

Speaking to SBC News, Stalev explained why ‘a technical approach is often the best way to solve a problem’ before touching upon the growing need for remote working solutions in the wake of the pandemic.

SBC: First of all, can you tell us a little bit about what your role at Delasport involves?  

GS: As the CTO of Delasport, I must ensure that the company is constantly on the right technological track. This covers multiple perspectives as product vision, technical roadmap and – last but not least – business continuity and software stability. 

SBC: How has using best-in-class technologies helped Delasport to establish itself among the leading suppliers?

GS: The industry standards are, and always have been, high. Gambling is one of the tech branches that constantly pushes the world’s technology trends forward. In a world of such demand, we had to be one step ahead in order to be competitive. In this respect, we have always strived to be a step forward and set the pace of the industry’s development, instead of catching up to others.

SBC: How does Delasport ensure that it keeps up to date with the latest technologies?   

GS: As I mentioned in the previous question, we are always investing to be a step forward, than to keep up to date. Our R&D team is constantly working on expanding technical horizons and enriching the technical portfolio of the product.

SBC: What do you anticipate will be the top technology trends in the next 12 months?    

GS: Honestly, for me it is hard to make a proper forecast, having in mind the crazy times that COVID-19 brought on us. But I would say that the tech world will keep investing into online collaboration solutions, since the teams are becoming more distributed. 

New platforms for remote and distance work will appear. After the end of this pandemic, the world of IT will be changed significantly, not that much in a matter of technology innovations but in ways of working and collaboration.

SBC: On the Delasport website, you state that ‘a technical approach is often the best way to solve a problem’. Can you expand on this?   

GS: The way you are delivering technology to your customers is the way to solve the problem.

Whenever you are managing to provide the proper solutions for their needs, your technical approach is solving all their problems.

SBC: And finally, in what ways is using the best technology key to meeting the needs of players across multiple gaming jurisdictions?

GS: Well meeting the requirements of multiple jurisdictions is one of today’s challenges in the gambling industry. With every single day, new markets are opening up, each with their own set of unique demands. Keeping the player journey and joy from the product is our main goal.

In this regard we are investing a lot to be compliant and keep Delasport’s unique gaming atmosphere on our platform. There is no exact technology key to achieve this, it comes from the years of professional experience and the strong technology units working together.