EPIC Risk Management appoints Dr Donna Nicholas to oversee research

By | May 20, 2021

EPIC Risk Management has appointed Dr Donna Nicholas to take on its newly created role of Research and Evaluation manager, in order to support the group’s wider strategic goals and objectives.

Nicholas’ responsibilities at the independent gambling harm consultancy organisation will revolve around providing research and evaluation expertise to operational staff, and assisting with the development of effective research and evaluation strategies.

The firm intends to leverage its enhanced research and evaluation capabilities to continue to support the development of educational programmes and industry training initiatives, both in the UK and internationally.

Pete Wallis, Director of Operations at EPIC, disclosed that the appointment of Nicholas reflects the progression EPIC continues to make in the field of research and evaluation.

“Dr Nicholas’ addition to our team is a significant one for us in that regard and we are delighted to be able to call upon someone with her expertise and experience in the field of research,” Wallis added.

”EPIC Risk Management has built a reputation as a global leader in gambling-harm prevention, having worked across 23 countries delivering industry-leading education and awareness provisions in reducing gambling-related harm. 

“We continue to be committed to discussing issues around harm prevention, player protection, destigmatising issues around problem gambling and continue to reiterate the importance of education and awareness.”

Prior to joining EPIC, Nicholas acquired significant experience of research management through a variety of roles in both the public and private sectors. Her appointment comes as EPIC continues to enhance its visibility across both the sports and betting landscape having recently partnered with the Counter-Strike Professional Players’ Association (CSPPA).

“EPIC has been conducting innovative and effective work across a wide range of sectors for several years. We are now at the stage in our growth where we feel we have the experience to contribute to the wider gambling related harm research agenda more strategically. 

“Everyone at EPIC is passionate about making sure fewer people’s lives are damaged by the negative effects of gambling. Together, learning from lived experience, academic research, and rigorous evaluation of our educational programmes, we can ensure the organisation is maximising its impact at the individual, community, and societal levels.”