Betfair launches ‘MatchMe’ Exchange service

By | February 24, 2021

Betfair has announced the full rollout of its new ‘MatchMe’ service, which aims to enable its customers to match the best market odds devoid of price fluctuations on its flagship Exchange.

Customers who turn-on the ‘MatchMe’ service will be automatically paired with a fully matched bet on the Exchange – as Betfair aims to eliminate the “nightmare of having to edit a bet” whilst market prices are fluctuating.

To date, customers that have failed to instantly match their bets on the Exchange have been left with the option to either cancel their wager or have their bets re-edited to lower odds – a frustrating scenario for many bettors.

Betfair’s new ‘MatchMe’ feature protects bets from large market movements, by maintaining a customer’s unmatched bet with the Exchange until it can be matched accordingly.

Launching ‘MatchMe’, Betfair has made the service available for ‘all back bets on traditional odds style markets’, although Asian handicaps are exempt.

MatchMe must be turned-on individually by Exchange customers, and will only be made available in jurisdictions – with no service available for Betfair’s Italian, Spanish and New Zealand domains.      

“Think of it as a smart betting assistant that finds the best price available to you within a pre-determined range.” Betfair detailed on its product notice.

“Rarely again will you only get part of your stake matched, or waste time editing your bets, due to a lack of liquidity at the price you requested.”